Utrecht 1
Highlights of the historic center

What we will see on this tour: the old warehouses along the canal below street level, the building were the Declaration of Independence of the Netherlands was signed, The Convent Garden of the Dom church and the the spire of that church, the highest one of the Netherlands. The music in the video of Utrecht comes from one of the many organs of the museum Speelklok. We will pay a short visit to this fun museum. The last site of this tour will be a former urban stronghold, transformed into brewery and pub. A perfect place to inform you about small breweries in the Netherlands.

Duration: 1.30 hour

Website Museum Speelklok

Website Oudaen

Utrecht 2
Looking for Miffy

Many of us grew up with the stories of little rabbit Nijntje, outside the Netherlands known as Miffy. Her spiritual father, writer and designer Dick Bruna, has lived his whole live in Utrecht. No wonder there is a Nijntje Museum and at various points in town we will come across statues of Nijntje, of course every time dressed in a different way. 

Duration: 1.30 hour

Miffy Wikipedia

Utrecht 3
Bike tour along the river Vecht from Utrecht to Breukelen (on location tour only)

During this 15 kilometer bike ride along the small but very picturesque river Vecht we pass by parks, mansions and castle Oud Zuilen. We include a stop for a drink at one of the nice bars along the river. After two hours we arrive at the charming village Breukelen, the place which name was Americanized to New York Brooklyn. From Breukelen we take the train (10 minutes) back to Utrecht. 

Duration: 3 hour

Breukelen and Brooklyn Wikipedia

Castle Slot Zuylen Wikipedia