Gouda 1
Highlights of the historical center

In this tour we will get acquainted with the history of Gouda and with it’s most important buildings like the almost 600 years old city hall and the longest church of the Netherlands, the St Jans. In this church we will pay attention to some of the marvelous seventy-two stained glass windows. Questions to be answered: what do we see, who paid for the window and why? 

The tour ends with “a special” on food: the Gouda cheese and the stroopwafel.  

Duration: 1 hour

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Gouda 2
Bike along the lakes (on location tour only) 

The top layer of soil in and around Gouda consists of peat, a very soft organic substance. Due to wind and human intervention, peat has gone and water came in. This proces took hundreds of years and resulted in a set of photogenic lakes near Gouda. Small historic villages on the merges of these lakes make the traditional Dutch scenery complete.

Duration: 2 hours