Delft 1
Highlights historic center Delft. 

This tour starts at a former monastery, the place where the founder of the nation, William of Orange, was shot in the year 1584. After a fifteen minutes walk including the Old Church, the canals, and the monumental city hall, we enter the so called New Church -“only” 600 years old- to admire William’s mausoleum. We will end with a visit to a Delft Blue work place where we will see a painter at work.

Duration: 1 hour

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Delft 2
Looking for Vermeer

Where did Vermeer live? Where did he paint “View on Delft” and “The Little Street”. Where did the maid go for fish and meat? This tour will answer these questions. We will also enter the Old Church -beautiful stained glass windows- where Vermeer was buried.

 Duration: 1 hour

Vermeer Wikipedia
Website Old and New Church 

Delft 3 (on location tour only)
Delft Blue.

A tour for shoppers. You can buy fake Delft Blue everywhere in town, but to get the real Delft Blue pottery, you have to be where the pottery is made. In this tour we will visit 3 workplaces. 

Duration: 2 hours