The Hague 1
Politics and government.

A tour along the most characteristic buildings of the national government and along the work palace of the king.
Topics: political history of the Netherlands, tasks and rights of the Lower and Upper House, the monarchy, the history and architecture of the buildings we come along. 

Duration 1.30 hour

The Hague 2
Institutions of International law

In this tour we will get familiar with the activities of the International Criminal Court (war crimes), the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and the International Court of Justice.  

Duration 1.30 hour

Website International Court of Justice
Website ICC
Website OPCW

The Hague 3 (only available as on location tour)
city of art 

The elegant Mauritshuis is home to the Girl with the Pearl Earring, the Goldfinch and many other works from the Dutch Masters of the 17th century.

Panorama Mesdag is centered around the masterpiece of the 19th century painter Mesdag. The concentric painting of 120 meter in circumference makes you feel like standing on a dune, watching the Scheveningen beach. 

Kunstmuseum is the proud owner of the world’s largest collection of works from the painter Pieter Mondriaan. 

The Escher Museum, located in a 18th century former palace, is centered around the magic drawings of Escher. 

The museums mentioned above are all located in the same area. This makes it possible to visit various of them on the same day. How many and which? That is up to you!

Duration, 2 to 8 hours

 Website Mauritshuis
Website Panorama Mesdag
Website Kunstmuseum
Website Escher Museum