Costs and Payment

Online tours and lectures

One Screen

If the tour or lecture will be displayed on just one screen (computer, laptop or smartphone) the costs of almost all the tours and lectures is 70 Euro in total. There are two exceptions:

* the extended Jewish tour in Amsterdam. This tour takes two hours and does cost 140 Euro

*the lectures “Dutch History in Paintings and Maps”. The first two lectures are free, by youtube. The price of the other four  ranges between 55 and 70 Euro per lecture, depending on how many lectures you order.

Various Screens

In case the tour or lecture will be displayed on more than one screen, there is an additional fee of 7 Euro per extra screen. This implement will not be charged for the lecture Dutch History in Paintings and Maps.


On location activities 

There is a flat rate for the guide services of 70 Euro per hour. In case of a museum tour or a bike tour, there will be additional costs for museum entries (see websites of the museum) or bike rent.

For dinner we calculate 2 hours, for a pub visit one hour. Drinks and meals for you and the guide, will be paid by you. The guide will take care of the tip for the staff of the restaurant or pub.


Online and On Location


As a “frequent booker” you will get a 10% discount on all products after your first booking.


Online activities: payment prior to the tour or lecture by credit card or paypal, just as you prefer.

On Location activities: payment by credit card, paypal or cash, 50% prior to the activity, 50% after the tour, dinner or pub visit.