More Practices & Bookings

Minimization of the ecological footprint.

*We offer online tours and lectures.

*Whenever the physical condition of the guest(s) allows, we make use of public transport.

*We are happy to help you planning a train voyage  to The Netherlands.

Not really an option if you come from overseas. However,  within the continent quite feasible.

Affordable for (almost) all income levels,

Tours (On location and virtual)

*You pay per hour, not per person.

*You choose between three options.

a) The standard rate of 100 Euro per hour. After the third hour this drops to 75 Euro per hour.


b) The amount equal to your salary per hour. This with a minimum of 25 Euro per hour and 50 Euro per tour.  So, if you are with a group of six students with no or low income, a two hour tour costs you 50 Euro only!


c) Anything between a and b.


The price for a 45 minutes lecture is 200 Euro. You can join the lecture via Google Meet with up to 100 persons.

Convinced? Take the first step to an unforgettable experience.

If you agree with the concepts and way of operation explained above, and you are interested in one or more tours, please send me a mail.

To be able to offer you a personalized proposal, I would like to know when you will be in The Netherlands, which tour(s) you would like to book, with how many persons you will come, their ages and interests, any physical limitations.

Looking forward to your mail,

Ton van Garderen,